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  • What type of contract is it when I buy at Balmoral? +

    You receive a Lifetime Lease to live in your unit or apartment.
  • How secure is my contract? +

    Your tenure is secured under your Lifetime Lease, (the most common legal structure for entry to a Retirement Village in Victoria), and government legislation, the Retirement Villages Act 1986. Balmoral Gardens Village is also listed on the Consumer Affairs Victoria retirement villages register.
  • How long does it take from when I select my home to when I can move in? +

    It takes three to four months from the date you select your home. In that time you will sell and settle on your home, and we will renovate your unit to your specifications.
  • How much stamp duty will I pay for my home? +

    None. Stamp Duty does not apply at Balmoral.
  • What is the quality and warranty on my new home? +

    Your accommodation is fully renovated before you move in to Balmoral. The cost of these works is met by the Owners of the village. All maintenance, both inside and outside, to your unit or apartment, is the responsibility of Balmoral.
  • How do I pay my maintenance fee? +

    Maintenance fees are paid fortnightly by direct debit from your account.
  • Does the maintenance fee increase over time? +

    Increases in the Maintenance Fee are regulated by The Retirement Villages Act. They are determined each year in consultation with the residents. Management prepares a budget in consultation with the Residents Committee, and annual accounts and budgets are presented to residents each year.
  • Do I need to pay council rates? +

    No. Council rates are included in your Maintenance Fee, which also covers other outgoings such as maintenance, staff costs, building and public liability insurance and gardening.
  • Are there any other ongoing costs? +

    You are responsible for normal services to your home such as gas, electricity, telecommunications and contents insurance.
  • Can I make changes to my home? +

    Generally speaking, yes, provided you first obtain the written consent of the Manager.
  • How do I receive mail? +

    Australia post delivers directly into your own private locked letterbox. Every unit and apartment has its own letter box for mail and newspaper delivery.
  • Are there medical facilities nearby? +

    Yes. There are a number of General Practitioners, specialists and hospitals located close to Balmoral. A General Practitioner visits Balmoral twice a week.
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