Spacious, Established and Vibrant

We are proud of our 30 year history.

Balmoral Village

A tight knit community in a spacious village

Wide roads and open spaces

Established over thirty years ago Balmoral Village is indeed fortunate to have been created when land was more freely available. To replicate such a village now on a 20 acre elevated site with generous landscaping and wide brick paved driveways in such a well-established residential precinct would be almost impossible. 

The villa units and apartments radiate conveniently from the Village Club which forms the hub of village life and houses the all important management team and village kiosk.

Harmonious and practical planning

Careful siting and plentiful landscaping ensure privacy for each home whilst pedestrian paths provide clear physical and visual links; no one is far from the action.

Ridge Road, from which the paved driveways give access to courts and clusters of units, encircles the Balmoral Club, the full size bowling green and apartment building and reinforces the well planned nature of the village. And, of course, each court and cluster of units provides further opportunity for neighbourly social interchange.

Balmoral Village
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